Inde 11.1: one project for Apple & Android

by Giovanni Foschini on 07/10/2012

The 11.1 version of Instant Developer has just been released, and it lets users compile the same mobile project for Apple and latest-generation Android (ICS) devices alike.

With this version, we are coming through on the promise we made at our “ten2start” conference just over a year ago: to make it possible to develop cross-device mobile applications with the simplicity that has always characterized Instant Developer. It’s an important step that will allow you to seize more and more opportunities and consistently meet the needs of your clients.

As you know, the Android world is evolving rapidly: just a few days ago version 4.1 of the operating system, Jelly Bean, was presented, as were the new Nexus 7 tablets arriving in August.

Even Instant Developer is involved in this rapid evolution: the new Android and the new devices will make it possible to optimize current function and bring it up to Apple’s level. But you can already test your applications directly on Android ICS devices.

This is without a doubt the most significant innovation in this release, but I encourage you to update the version you have installed or download the updated version so you can try out the other implementations for yourself, including the option to manage the device’s local file system.

In release 11.5, slated for late October, we expect to consolidate and optimize development for the world of Android, and then turn our focus in version 12 to the new “Surface” world of Windows 8.

Enjoy your summer!

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