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by Giovanni Foschini on 04/17/2013

In the companies who get in touch with me to learn about Instant Developer, there is an increasingly clear desire for innovation, reducing inefficiency, and the ability to seize all the opportunities that present themselves. In this context, a lot of people decide to start with training to get off on the right foot.

But the need for training doesn’t stop after the early days: even people who already know Instant Developer understand the advantages of learning more about the more technological and innovative aspects.

Until a few months ago, training courses were only provided in “on the job” format, allowing people to execute their projects directly. This might seem like the best approach, because it appears to lead you more quickly toward your goal. But our experience has shown that this can create a risk of ending up with a more fragmented and broken understanding, especially when multiple programmers are involved.

That’s why we’ve created a new training option, offered alongside the existing one, organized into four courses:

  • Basic – introduction to IDE, table-oriented programming and simple reports.
  • Intermediate – use of Document Orientation, advanced reports, and graphs.
  • Advanced – advanced DO and document services, dynamic interfaces.
  • Mobile – developing a mobile project, synchronization services.

These courses are conducted remotely by qualified instructors and can be attended by multiple programmers, introducing the features of Instant Developer following a growing and well-developed path.

I have to say, the first courses we’ve held have gotten a very positive response. If you’d like information about organizing these courses, get in touch with us by email to tell us which ones interest you most.

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