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by Vittoria Marino on 10/02/2013

Our mobile devices are always by our sides, and their notifications update us in real time on the latest while reminding us about deadlines, holidays, and To-Do list items. These days, we’re pretty much accustomed to receiving the right reminder at the right time. You have no idea how often they’ve reminded me in time to make an appointment!

That’s why when I got the chance to implement them I didn’t hesitate for a second: I got right to work. So now I can report that, as promised earlier, mobile apps created with Instant Developer 12.5 will be able to send notifications to users:

  • push notifications, which use the services offered by Apple, Google, and Microsoft;
  • local notifications, generated by the application itself, that can be programmed over time.

As always, this feature is available in all supported mobile systems: iOS, Android, and Windows 8.

But there’s more, because as you know, Chrome has its own notification system, and we couldn’t help but think: “why stop with apps?”.

Today you can already use Instant Developer 12.5 Alpha to send notifications to your mobile devices, and with the final you’ll also be able to send desktop notifications.

Are you ready to keep your users consistently up to date?

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