In April, Foundation reaches 18

by Andrea Maioli on 02/08/2018

After having announced the updates in Instant Developer Cloud, now it’s time to share the content of the next version of Instant Developer Foundation, slated for 9 April 2018.

First of all I want to let you know that we work on Instant Developer Foundation nonstop throughout the year, just as we do for Instant Developer Cloud. Because their architectures differ, their release cycles have different deadlines. For Foundation in particular, they cluster around early spring and autumn, right after Apple updates its mobile operating system.

That’s why version 18.0 of Foundation will contain more than 130 improvements and fixes that will improve its usability and increase its capabilities.

So what are the most important updates?

  1. A new QBE filtering system for panel data, similar to Excel-style spreadsheet data filters.
  2. The option to specify panel field sizes as a percentage, to enable new resizing rules for forms.
  3. New graphic rules applied automatically to mandatory fields to help users fill out forms more quickly.

In addition to these updates, which can be applied to existing projects, we’re also preparing a new graphic theme based on Bootstrap that will make your projects based on this graphic framework even more attractive.

Finally, if you’re asking yourself why the number 18: we simply wanted to match the calendar year. We really have nothing against its predecessor ūüôā

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