How do you develop an infinite catalog?

by Andrea Maioli on 04/04/2014

Mobile applications are particularly useful for browsing image catalogs. With that in mind, for some time now Instant Developer has contained functions for implementing this type of feature, as demonstrated in the Image Catalog sample application.

However, creating a catalog with a large number of pages (basically infinite) was still a difficult task, so for version 13 we decided to add a new scrolling mode in iBook style, allowing smooth operation even in these cases.

Enabling this new mode is very simple. Only two lines of code are needed, as shown in the sample below, where you would replace Catalog with the name of the book in your project.

The SetScrollMode method also allows you to decide whether to move the pages vertically instead of horizontally.

For an immediate preview of this effect, I’ve created a catalog based on the beautiful background images that the Bing search engine places on its main page. Simply download the BingBackgrounds project, open it with InDe, and press F5 to compile it.

At this point I would just like to ask what you think of this new feature. Do you think it will be immediately useful? Do you think something is missing?

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