Graphics are not optional

by Andrea Maioli on 10/09/2012

One of the most interesting outcomes of the mobile revolution is that everything is focused on the user experience: finally, applications are beginning to crop up that are easy to use but also nice to look at.

Now more than ever, graphic appearance is no longer optional and cannot be left up to chance. That’s why it’s usually a good idea to contact a professional, a graphic designer who can deliver the best look for your application interfaces.

Creating a graphical theme for Instant Developer has never been a problem for those who understand graphic technique for websites: indeed, a theme is nothing more than a CSS file and a few images. However, to better understand this task, starting today Instant Developer contains a new graphical themes editor, one of the biggest innovations in version 11.5.

Using a guided visual editor, you can now change the characteristics of every part of the interface even without expert help, and the changes appear immediately in the preview. This is true for both desktop and mobile applications.

Finally, one of the most attractive features is the option to share your creations using the import and export functions. If you’ve created a nice graphical theme and you’d like to let others use it, just attach the exported xml file to a conversation on the forum.

So, to set a good example, I’d like to invite you to download the mono theme, a monochrome variant of the Seattle theme that lets you highlight the most important parts of your desktop application.

I can’t wait to find out what you’ll be able to create with the new graphical themes editor!

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