From mockup to development: it’s easy with tutorials

by Andrea Maioli on 03/01/2017

When wrapping up the series of articles dedicated to app design, I promised you that I’d also get into the next phase, meaning actual development. So here I am, ready to keep my promise.

Developing an app is always a complex task, even in the case of a shopping list like ToBuy. The starting point is always a mockup, or in the case of ToBuy, these visuals.

So now it’s time to choose the best tool for the job. I didn’t even hesitate: Instant Developer Cloud, because it was created precisely to make it fast and easy to develop solutions like these. And to help you follow each step in the process, we’ve put together a new series of interactive tutorials that will help you familiarize yourselves with the necessary techniques while also becoming independent to develop your own ideas.

In these new tutorials you can get reacquainted with Indy, the interactive chat character who, after having shown you the TripTrak app, will guide you step by step through the creation of a full ToBuy feature beginning from an empty project. (Note that the tutorial titles are in Italian but the content that opens will be entirely in English).

So while the TripTrak tutorials were intended largely for demonstration purposes, to help you understand the overall function of Instant Developer Cloud, the ToBuy tutorials will explain developing techniques in detail.

By working through the tutorials you’ll be able to take a real stab yourself at the following steps:

  1. Creating databases
  2. Designing data management components
  3. Designing views using the new graphic framework based on Ionic 2
  4. Using data management components in views
  5. Advanced behaviors like swipe menus and resortable lists

I hope this contribution will be helpful in your development work, and say hello to Indy for me when you see her again!

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