Foundation 16.5 Preview: the new Ionic theme is here

by Diego Pierangeli on 09/14/2017

At the beginning of the year Andrea said that version 16.5 would include a new user interface rendering system. The time has come to reveal that this is the new “Ionic” theme for mobile applications.

It’s actually not just a new theme. It’s a new rendering system based on one of the most common frameworks for hybrid applications, Ionic.

This allows us to access features like:

  • Native scrolling.
  • Look and Feel that adapt automatically to the host operating system (iOS and Android).
  • A User Experience very similar to that of native applications.

The decision to create this new rendering system was made so we could optimize applications as well as possible in order to improve the user experience. And if the interface that you have created has followed the standards, moving to the new theme shouldn’t take much more than a parameter change.

At this point I’ll leave you with the preview application, and as always I’m interested in hearing what you think of it. If you have Caravel installed on your device, you can test it by entering the identifier progamma.mwindi in the URL box.

NB: The preview application may contain inaccuracies. If you notice any unexpected behaviors, report them so they can be verified.

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