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by Luca Baldini on 09/05/2012

The Instant Developer forums have been around for nearly two years, and they’ve become a truly interesting place for discussion and free help, where anyone can offer suggestions and ideas on how to improve Instant Developer. Evaluating and selecting these proposals is now a regular part of my work, since I’m responsible for deciding how the product develops over time.

We receive lots of interesting suggestions. I’d like to make all of them become reality right away, but the amount of work that it takes is just too huge, so I have to choose the ones I think will be the most useful for everyone.

It may not seem obvious, but Instant Developer’s strength – the possibility to create applications independent of the database, the server, and ultimately even the type of mobile device (Apple or Android, and soon Windows 8 ) – is exactly what makes even a change that might take just five minutes complex as well.

I’ll give you an example. There was a request on the forum to be able to specify the BODY parameter for HTTP POSTs done using the getHTTP library function. This change required less than ten new lines of code; however, it had to be written in C#, Java, Javascript, Objective-C, and Java for Android, and had to be tested in many configurations and devices. It ended up taking an entire day.

Contributions from the forum are very important and they help us develop That’s why, even if you don’t see the things you’ve asked for implemented immediately, I encourage you to continue sending us your suggestions. I can promise you that not a single one will be ignored.

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