Form in the Zone: docking complete

by Diego Pierangeli on 09/25/2013

In our everyday computer use, we’ve become accustomed to tools that let us access complex ways of docking our windows that we can use to configure screens however we like.

There are those who’ve started down this road in the mobile arena as well, but we’re still in the early days, to the point that we only expect to be able to use docked windows on desktop applications, and we’re not surprised when we can’t do the same on our mobile devices.

Talking this over with other technicians, we couldn’t help but think: “It would be interesting to be able to have something like that in a mobile application too.” You know us by now, and you know that when we get an idea on improving the user experience, we get straight to work. Shortly thereafter, it was suggested that I work on this new feature, and today I’m pleased to report that Instant Developer 12.5 will introduce ScreenZones, the new display areas around the main form.

This new feature, available for both mobile and desktop, makes applications even more customizable, allowing you to:

  • decide in which zone to place a form when it opens: above, below, left, right, center.
  • place multiple forms in the same zone; the user can select them using a TabbedView.
  • change the display mode for a zone: fixed, collapsible, hidden.
  • show or hide the zones with a swipe.

I have to say that this project was really a lot of fun, but now it’s your turn: as soon as 12.5 alpha comes out, will you be ready to try it?

I’m looking forward to your feedback!

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1 John Willems 09/25/2013 at 4:37 PM

I hope there will be a demo of the ScreenZone features. I see this as a way for mobile developers to create more complex apps for tablets, etc. You have given us one more reason to look forward to the release of 12.5

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