Do, do, do

by Giovanni Foschini on 05/22/2013

Again this year started with making a budget and planning a string of marketing and business measures to meet the goals we’ve set.

But after these first four months, I find myself exhausted, even though there isn’t a results problem. For example, a hint of this exhaustion is made clear by the fact that when asked the mundane question, “How’s it going?” my automatic reply is “Fine, things are just a bit crazy.” By why was I so crazy if at the beginning of the year I had organized what needed to be done?

I realized that along the way I was getting caught up in a million situations, occasions, and interruptions popping up one after the next throughout the day, and I was drifting from the orderly course I had set for myself.

What struck me the most was that by working this way I had stopped gauging the effectiveness of my work, putting off to a time yet to be decided those moments when I try to analyze what I’m doing, whether I’m doing it the right way, and if there’s anything that needs to be fixed. The result is that you work a lot, but with no certainty in the results, and without a path of continuous improvement.

Luckily, sooner or later something happens to get your attention. For me, it was a company meeting in which Giuseppe brilliantly tackled and resolved a critical issue in the organization of our support work. Seeing how everyone’s efforts can be improved by simply stopping to analyze what is going on prompted me to review my own business process more consistently.

I wanted to tell you about it because I think it’s a risk that we all run. Do you let yourselves get caught up in the daily grind too or do you manage to carve out some time for reflection? How do you do it?

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