DIY: Internet of Things

by Andrea Maioli on 09/07/2017

Anyone who follows trends in tech knows that one of the hottest right now is about IoT (Internet of Things) systems. An IoT system can detect data from a set of “smart” objects connected to the cloud. In certain cases they may also be controlled from the cloud.

But what are these smart objects? All domestic appliances will certainly become smart in upcoming years, and many of them already are, like smart watches, smart lamps, smart thermostatic valves, and so on.

One item that’s already available and easy to get your hands on is the AWS IoT Button, which lets you experiment with this new technology for a low price, and might even bring to mind some innovative ideas.

Once you have bought your AWS Button, you can configure it so that it connects to a WiFi network to send a message to the AWS cloud every time you press it. It recognizes three event types: single-click, double-click, and long-press.

The most complex part is creating a script within AWS that recognizes your Button and runs the code in the cloud. Fortunately, there’s a template that can send an email. I’ve modified it to make a call to a REST WebAPI implemented in an app developed with Instant Developer Cloud.

From here all you need to do is use the push characteristics of Instant Developer Cloud to get real-time updates on the events collected by your smart buttons. In the video below you can see how the experiment turned out.

Nice, right? All you need is to find the right idea, and Bob’s your uncle! Do you already have an idea on how to use it?

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