Debug in production, with Cloud

by Giuseppe Lanzi on 06/18/2018

We all know the cycle of software development that turns a needs analysis into code, and then into tests, and then to a new installation. A while ago I talked to you about the solution that Instant Developer Cloud offers to run in-depth automatic tests on an environment that’s as similar as possible to the production environment.

So long as errors occur during the test phase we always know what to do, but what does it take to be able to react quickly when problems crop up in production?

You’d need an application monitoring system that can be turned on and off at any time, that doesn’t need to be anticipated at design time, and that can be used easily without having to access the server to leaf through dozens of log files.

The production log tool in Instant Developer Cloud does all of that.

It’s very simple to use: simply go the project installations page, open the detail for the installation you’re investigating, and access the debug page.

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