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by Giuseppe Lanzi on 01/26/2017

With Instant Developer Cloud, you can manage the creation of an app from start to finish, work in teams, publish it on the production server in the cloud, and as described in my recent post announcing the Launchers, you can also publish the app directly to the stores. All still from your browser.

But this doesn’t wrap up the publication cycle of an app: you need to know how many people are using it, how they’re using it, if and how many errors occur, whether the server is sized correctly for the number of users connected, etc. Basically, you need to monitor how the end users are accepting the fruits of our labors and act accordingly to improve them, correct them, or bring users closer.

But how?

With Instant Developer Cloud, obviously. As of today, you can monitor your cloud applications thanks to the new Analytics service, with which you’ll have everything under control.

All you need to have is a production server available with the additional service enabled in order to get:

  • user session statistics
    number of sessions per day, by individual or total users, their average duration, whether generated by new users or known ones, etc.
  • user statistics
    country, browser, operating system, language, etc.
  • interaction statistics
    which pages were visited and how often, the application flow, what times the various pages are visited, etc.
  • exception statistics
    which exceptions there have been in the app, how often they occur and what the error is in the code, which class gave the error, etc.

To enable the service in your application, simply set the,, and properties, using the URL of the production server used as the analytics server, the name of the analytics app (AnalyticsServer) and true respectively.

If you want more information on the characteristics of the service and how to best use it in your apps, the support department is always here to help.

Happy analyzing… and I’m looking forward to your feedback!

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