Cloud editions: this week’s updates

by Giuseppe Lanzi on 10/29/2015

Development continues on the Cloud editions of Instant Developer, so to keep you up to date on our progress and changes, we thought we’d use the posts in our blog as bulletins on the updates available. The top new things introduced in recent days are:

  • The new application preview graphic, which lets you quickly switch between smartphone, tablet, or desktop view, without needing to relaunch the application or use other development tools integrated into the browser. The commands appear automatically on the right of the application run from the IDE.
  • The new snippet bar, which provides information in real time about the objects used in the code editor. This is true both for library objects and for those defined by your project. All you need to do is hover your cursor over the variable in question to see the list of the properties, methods, and functions available. It’s one of the updates I like best, and you’ll find it among the sidebars on the right.
  • The differences screen, a very useful tool during development that will allow you to quickly see the changes made to the project since the beginning of the current work session, since the last save, and since the last commit on the project. It can be accessed through the button to the left of the user name, as shown in the image below.
  • And last on our list today, support for internationalizing applications is now available, a task performed by the RTC module in the Foundation editions. More detail about this feature will be available soon.

But Instant Developer Cloud is certainly not the only thing that Pro Gamma has cooking. Soon we’ll talk to you both about some very interesting solutions developed with the Foundation editions and about what’s new in the 14.5 release. Keep following us!

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