Cloud Editions: November 10th updates

by Giuseppe Lanzi on 11/10/2015

As I promised two weeks ago, here I am again to tell you about updates to Instant Developer Cloud Editions. This week we have some particularly interesting news, especially from the standpoint of the collaboration between users and using the IDE.

The top new items are:

  • remote collaboration through the IDE directly from the browser:
    those who’ve been with us a long time and people who deal with customer support know that remote collaboration is a crucial aspect of providing good support and for collaboration among developers. Who among us isn’t used to sharing their screen or display of an online document daily using tools like Google Docs or Dropbox?
    Starting now, you can also share directly from the Instant Developer Cloud IDE, as well as in applications created with these new editions. Simply click the button at the top to the left of your user name to enter the list of people you want to collaborate with. They’ll receive the link they need to connect in an email. Easy, right?
  • the split view:
    the option to split the central part of the IDE into two sections to see the preview of the screen on one side and the code on the other. This is a very useful function we don’t want you to miss. The result is shown in the figure below.
  • the history view:
    here is another interesting thing that will allow you to answer a question such as: what changes did I make last week? By selecting the differences button and using the new Compare with commit command, you can see the changes made to the project in a given commit backward in time.
  • drag & drop directly from the operating system:
    I know that this feature will be greatly appreciated by many people, especially by people who want to import a graphical theme found on the web into their project. In fact, using this feature you can drag a resource from your computer directly over a library in the IDE to create a new resource to use in the project. And of course you can drag more than one file at a time.

What’s more, the new release also includes many corrections and improvements that will help you develop your multichannel applications.

Try out these new options and let us know what you think!

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