Cloud and Foundation together, with WebAPIs

by Giuseppe Lanzi on 03/08/2018

Over the past two years we’ve had the opportunity to pause a few times to consider the difference between the Foundation and Cloud editions of Instant Developer. The first is perfect for business applications in which development speed is a top priority, while the second is more focused on creating customer-facing apps in which immediacy and user experience are of primary importance.

In 2017, a number of you approached Cloud precisely in order to be able to pair a responsive new mobile app featuring eye-catching graphics with Foundation applications you have in production.

A need arose to simplify the link between the two editions of the development environment as quickly as possible. In just a few clicks, the way we like it.

The news I have to share in this post is that now, integrating Foundation Web APIs into a Cloud project is child’s play.

And it’s a cinch to try. Go to the dashboard of a Cloud project. To the left of the + button for adding libraries, you’ll find the button for importing a Web API. After you click it, simply specify the URL of the application that exposes the WebAPIs, select the classes to be imported, and you’re done.

The IDE will create the new classes in the application libraries for you. Simply use the classes like usual, and the data will be read and written using the web service automagically!

Now I’m curious to see which of you will be the first to use this new technology, and also to find out how you decide to apply it.

I’m looking forward to your feedback.

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