Caravel is also on Google Play

by Matteo Sirri on 08/29/2012

In my post last month I gave you a preview of Caravel for Android and I promised you that the final version would be available on Google Play by the end of the summer. Promises must be kept: as of today you can install it by simply searching for it on the Play Store or using this direct link.

With Caravel it’s even easier to test applications created with Instant Developer and let end-users use them, because you no longer need to install them using a wired connection or publish them on Google Play or the App Store.

In fact, if the application was compiled locally, simply type an address into Caravel consisting of the last IP number of your workstation followed by “.” and the name of the application. For example, if the address is checkers/webcheckers.aspx you can just enter 3.webcheckers.

If the application is already published on your server and registered on the Pro Gamma Service Directory, enter the address corresponding to the code assigned by the Service Directory, for example progamma.webcheckers. For more information, check out section 6.2 of the Mobile Applications Development Guide.

The advantages are not limited to just being able to test and show your applications more easily. Using Caravel also lets you capitalize upon the features of the device: snap photos, send e-mail, view contacts, manage files, etc. And if the application is in offline mode, Caravel can even launch it without connectivity.

Today Caravel and Instant Developer let you deliver your applications on iOS and Android 4.0+ working from the same project.

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