Caravel has arrived on Windows Store as well

by Matteo Sirri on 06/19/2013

One of the updates to Instant Developer 12.1 is Caravel for Windows 8, and today I can confirm that you can already search for it on the Windows Store, or download it with this direct link.

If you’ve just started following us, I should explain that Caravel is a browser with evolved surfing features, that allows you to test apps created with without the need to create an installation package. It’s a very useful tool because it greatly increases the speed of app development and testing, and also allows you to debug the application directly on the device.

The procedure is very simple. Simply type in an address consisting of your workstation’s IP address followed by “.” and the name of the application. For example, if the address is simply enter; if the device is in the same subnet as the computer, you can even use just the last number of the IP address. You can also snap a photo of the QR code shown on the simulator. Try it with the image above.

As always, if the application is already published on your server and registered on the Pro Gamma Service Directory, enter the address corresponding to the code assigned by the Service Directory, for example progamma.webcheckers. For more information, check out section 6.2 of the Mobile Applications Development Guide.

But there’s more. The Windows 8 version of Caravel has a unique advantage over all other versions: you can install it not only on mobile devices, but also on your Windows 8 PC, and test the applications in the native shell directly from your workstation.

Today, Caravel and Instant Developer allow you to distribute your apps on iOS, Android 4.0+, and Windows 8, all working from the same project.

We hope that Caravel will make developing easier on this new platform too.

I’d be interested to hear your impressions.

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