Caravel for Android

by Matteo Sirri on 07/17/2012

Beginning with  Instant Developer version 11.1, you can now create Android-compatible applications, and many people have launched cross-device mobile projects.

One of the crucial phases in developing this type of application is testing in the device. In order to make this task easier with iOS devices, in the 11.0 version we’ve already published the  Caravel app: a browser with evolved navigation characteristics that lets you test apps created with in the native shell without having to use XCode to install them.

Because it’s a very sound debugging tool, we decided to create the Android version as well, and we’re releasing the preview today. The installation process is simple: to get started just download the APK by opening the URL in your browser. When the file has downloaded just run it to launch the installation. You may be asked to confirm the installation of applications not found on the Store, if you haven’t already ticked that flag in your security settings.

Adding applications created with to Caravel works exactly like the version for iOS; check out  section 6.2 of the mobile applications development guide for a description of the various options.

The next date with Caravel for Android will be in late summer, when the end-user version will be created and available for download from Google Play. That will make it even simpler to install it, and distribute your applications to end users.

Have a great week!

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