Bootstrap: the editable list is here

by Diego Pierangeli on 10/26/2017

Exactly a year ago (give or take a week), we made it possible for you to use Bootstrap in web applications developed with Instant Developer Foundation. We’ve received a great deal of feedback since then, and we’re grateful for it as always. One of the features that has been requested most often is the ability to edit data in lists.

This wasn’t possible earlier because the initial development phase for the theme focused on integrating the native Bootstrap experience in your applications. The framework does not natively support in-list editing.

Now it’s time to achieve even more from the Bootstrap + Foundation sinergy, introducing a new feature in Instant Developer Foundation 16.5.

I’m pleased to announce that in release 16.5 r4, you can have an application that simultaneously utilizes the Bootstrap theme while also offering the convenience of the editable lists that are typical of our development environment.

The usability typical of the famous responsive framework remains intact, but now you can edit the data without requiring the user to switch to detail even for small changes. You still need to switch to detail when first entering data, because initial entry in list view is still not supported.

If you want to faithfully keep to the Bootstrap user experience, you can achieve the right behavior by implementing the onGlobalChangeLayout event and writing:

panel.locked = newLayout == List

What do you think? Do you already have one of your apps in mind that could be improved by this new option?

Comments are always welcome!

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