Bootstrap + Foundation: watch the preview

by Diego Pierangeli on 07/29/2016

A few months ago we announced that the most important innovation for Instant Developer Foundation this year will be the new rendering engine based on Bootstrap.

Since we’ve talked about Instant Developer Cloud a lot recently, you might think we’ve forgotten about that promise, but the project is moving along quickly toward release in version 15.5, slated for late October.

For people like me who want to see things firsthand, I’ve put together a preview: the classic Northwind example, but this time, Bootstrapped.

Even though it’s just a preview, and therefore may not be 100% accurate, you can definitely see the specific advantages of the new rendering, including:

  • Responsive layout in native HTML5 mode.
  • Option for the same app to function both in the desktop and mobile browser.
  • List panels with variable-height rows.
  • Native SVG icons.
  • Graphical theme customizable according to Bootstrap rules.

There’s a very interesting corollary worth noting: when integrating an Instant Developer Foundation application into an existing Bootstrap site/app, the graphics are identical, achieving complete integration of the application that’s fully transparent to the end user.

The great thing is that to get this result we can keep using Instant Developer Foundation like we always have – there aren’t any special new rules to learn.

I’ll leave you with the preview application, and as always I’m interested in hearing what you think of it.


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1 Ted Giles 07/29/2016 at 7:04 PM

Given that the whole world is attracted to Tablet presentation – I have one in Beta right now – why are the pages unresponsive?
Not complaining, just saying.

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