Automated tests for Instant Developer Cloud Final

by Giuseppe Lanzi on 11/17/2016

It is with enormous pleasure and something of a thrill that I’m writing this post today to make a very important announcement: on November 15, 2016, Instant Developer Cloud concluded the preliminary phase and the first final version has been released.

Simply register on the console to be able to develop your app directly from your browser and test it directly in the device, thanks to the InstaLauncher app that you’ll find in the Android and iOS stores. But you also know that this was already possible in the preliminary version.

Starting today, it takes just a few clicks to purchase a production server and make your web applications available to end users. Just enter your information, choose the server type that best meets your needs, and confirm the operation. Your new server will be available in a few minutes. There’s something for every taste, beginning with the XS size, with 1 shared CPU and 0.6 GB of RAM, through to a powerful XXXL with 16 CPUs and 60 GB of RAM memory.

Compiling, installing, returning to a previous version of the application, and running queries to your database in the Cloud will be child’s play thanks to the console. But that’s not all.

We’re well aware that in developing a product, one of the most important phases, if not the single most important of all, is the test. That’s why Instant Developer Cloud was equipped with a system of automated tests that makes it possible to flag regressions in the code, check the application behavior under load conditions, and launch step-by-step test sessions.

It’s simple. Simply choose an installation of the application and record a few work sessions; then you can use these records to run a test on the original installation or any other instance of the application.

I’m happy to say that these are just the first public steps for Instant Developer Cloud Final. In upcoming weeks we’ll release lots of very interesting features. But I don’t want to give away too much in a single article.

As usual, we welcome your feedback! For any clarifications, problems, or doubts, write to

Now we’re officially on the road and I can hardly wait to start this journey together!

Have fun!

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