Animating apps in the cloud

by Diego Pierangeli on 12/02/2015

Today an app programmer’s job is growing more and more complicated. Apps definitely need to be responsive, and they have to be usable interchangeably in a browser as well as the various smartphones and tablets, online or offline, both Apple and Android.

But even that isn’t enough to create a state-of-the-art app. Because beyond being attractive and ergonomic, the user interface must increasingly resemble a video game, and therefore must also be animated.

Programming animations isn’t easy. You have to find animation types that are optimized for the various devices and program the activation triggers and the reset triggers directly in the client, and sometimes not even the CSS helps.

That’s why we wanted to find a system that would make it easy to add that extra little touch that is increasingly necessary in today’s world. We drew inspiration from presentation software like PowerPoint and Keynote, in which you can do nearly everything in a declarative way, by simply selecting an object and animation type.

So, starting today, animations are no longer a problem: simply select the object to animate, add one or more animations to it, and edit its parameters. Instant Developer Cloud will take care of the rest.

Now all you have to do is to try it, by signing up here.

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