An afternoon in Florence

by Giovanni Foschini on 11/03/2015

About ten days ago, Maurizio Cherubini, CTO of Albalog, invited me to attend an event he had organized in their beautiful new offices in Florence.

The occasion was a presentation of their ExtraERP project to a group of his friends, all software house managers or IT managers for large companies, and at the same time to present Instant Developer, the technology they chose to develop it.

ExtraERP is the newest offering from Albalog, a latest-generation management platform conceived for mobile use through browsers and mobile web apps, which they developed in just over two years of work.

I was very curious about the event, both because it concerned a very complex and important project, and also because I earned my technical stripes in the production management environment, working with ESA Software for almost ten years.

That’s why when I get the chance to talk to companies who would like to rewrite their software on the web, I know what that entails, and I’m well aware that it’s not easy to decide whether to do so and how to do so. It always seems like an impossible undertaking!

In fact, I remember my first chats with Maurizio when he was assessing the feasibility of this project, which is so important and strategic for Albalog, and I recall all the questions about the requirements that had to be met, the uncertainties, and all the other aspects to consider when trying to tackle such a challenge. I have to say that for my part, if I hadn’t been able to offer a tool like Instant Developer, I would have been less comfortable recommending that he pursue the path he chose.

So to be invited to the presentation of ExtraERP, knowing that the software was already in production and therefore already out of the factory, was truly a pleasure for me, because it certified the results they’d achieved and of the fact that at least the first part of this challenge has been won.

Credit is due to Albalog absolutely, because tools don’t make the software on their own, but credit is also due to the collaboration they built with us and to Instant Developer.

I’m certain of this because I found out that the event had been organized more to present Instant Developer than to demonstrate the features or completeness of ExtraERP, and with the same dynamic as when you find yourself at a table and a friend is excited to tell everyone about the fantastic or interesting film they saw last night!

I’m grateful to our friends at Albalog for this afternoon we spent together, but I also wanted to tell you this story because I think it takes courage to face challenges like the one Albalog took on, and undoubtedly knowing that these challenges are winnable can help you decide what’s best for you!

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