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by Matteo Sirri on 02/20/2013

We’re continuing today with our articles presenting new features in Instant Developer 12.0, now available in the Alpha version. This time, we’ll start with a feature that was suggested to us on the forum, where you’ve shown lots of interest in integrating scanning for barcodes and QR codes in the native shell.

We always put a lot of stock in suggestions and requests from Instant Developer users. That’s why I was so pleased to personally handle implementation of the functionality for this release.

Intriguing new opportunities are opening up for the development of applications that can acquire information from visual sources, without the need for external applications. For example, warehouse management using barcodes on the shelves and boxes, or recognizing clients from a QR code printed on a sheet. The possible applications of this technology are truly diverse.

This functionality has also been included in Caravel. Try opening it and showing the toolbar by clicking on the down arrow: you’ll find a new button with a QR code icon. If you click it, you can scan the QR code in the image above, and the ImageCatalog example app will install without you needing to do anything else. It’s also an attractive feature for easily installing the application on the device during development.

But the improvements in the native shell are not limited to barcodes and QR codes. We’ve also implemented another exciting functionality: you can now interact with the camera roll, reading or writing images on the device.

To test the code reader, you need to update Caravel to version 2.0 and use the Alpha version of Instant Developer. This is a good time to remind you that in order to get the Alpha version, you need to set “Release + updates + beta + alpha” in the Update level property under options.

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