Academic year 2014/15

by Giuseppe Lanzi on 07/25/2014

I have to say, time flies. It’s already been a year since I presented to you our virtual training options for Instant Developer. This academic year has given us a chance to build up some experience and collect feedback and suggestions that we’d like to use to further improve the service.

The classes have proven to be the best way to approach InDe and also to learn more about it, especially thanks to the added value of interaction with the teacher.

Many people have stressed how useful the recordings are, but others have reported some trouble in consulting them “given that each video contains an entire lesson and it’s hard to quickly find which point in the recording to review.” That’s why the lesson recordings will be replaced by a set of short tutorial videos, each one on a specific subject about the program, and lasting 5 to 10 minutes.

Another important change is that upcoming classes will be held for just a week, in four lessons of 120 minutes each, and they will be more frequent so it will be simpler to participate.

The price for each student will vary from a maximum of $349 (or € 249) to a minimum of $269 (or € 169) per person based on the number purchased, to make it easier for more people to attend. Signing up for courses will become easier too: starting in September, simply access the help desk to sign up on your own or for your colleagues for the course you want, directly through Pro Gamma’s e-commerce.

The following course subjects will be offered:

  • Basic CourseWeb applications and the basics of Document Orientation (InDe’s OOP)
  • Report CourseTraditional reports, in preview and dynamic interfaces
  • Mobile CourseOffline mobile applications, synchronization, native shell

Are you ready to head back to school?

  •    Definitely! I'm already planning to attend the upcoming courses.
  •    It's great, but the course I want isn't there (please tell us in a comment what you'd like to see).
  •    I don't believe that online courses are effective. Only a teacher in a classroom can make a difference.
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