Pro Gamma designs and creates innovative tools for generating applications, offering people who create software the solutions and support they need to respond to the challenges of technology and the market imposed by the advent of web architectures.

It’s an Italian company, fully dedicated to creating next-generation development environments and founded in 1999 by IT engineers with proven experience in software engineering with the hope of creating a development environment that would be better performing and less restrictive than those available on the market.

The key product is Instant Developer, a revolutionary development system that is the first to integrate relational programming, state-of-the-art technologies, and everything needed to create web applications free from architectural, language-based, and runtime restrictions.

Pro Gamma works with software houses, system integrators, software factories, and IT centers interested in managing complexity, using a single tool for the entire life cycle of the software, achieving greater quality and maintainability of applications, modernizing application portfolios, and reducing development times and costs.

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