2014: The Feedback Year

by Giuseppe Lanzi on 12/23/2014

2014 has now drawn to a close, and it’s time for best wishes, and for conclusions. Thinking back over the work we’ve done in the last 12 months, it occurs to me that the real star this year has been our dialogue with the developers who use Instant Developer and analyzing their feedback.

I’ve told you more than once how feedback has borne its fruits for the Pro Gamma technical support department, but we haven’t yet told you – because it can’t be expressed with numbers like it can for tech support – that similar efforts have been launched in other areas of the company as well. Only a few of you will have noticed, and a few others may have received phone calls that offered a glimpse of the tip of this iceberg, but without a doubt the entire staff at Pro Gamma has noticed the advantages it brings.

Andrea just told you about it too: we build the new versions of Instant Developer and dream up its new functions based on what you tell us. This year, your contributions were so interesting that the resulting task was larger than usual, newer than usual, and even a bit more “mysterious” than usual. To quote Andrea, “it won’t just be an evolution of the same product.”

When I started thinking about this post, I wanted to answer the question, “What did you teach me in 2014?”. To me, the answer was clear: you showed me yet again that our clients are the most valuable asset we’ve got, because each of you is a relationship that enriches our ideas, revives us, and makes our jobs more interesting.

Working this way with clients who are willing to carry on a dialogue is simply the greatest gift we could ask for.

I’d like to wish you Happy Holidays from all the staff here at Pro Gamma. We’ll be back writing the blog in mid-January.

Image: Jurgen Appelo.

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