WebRTC: collaboration without borders


Web-based collaboration is increasingly more common, and many of us want to be able to work with our colleagues from our own daily environments as easily as we can using tools such Google Documents. And to be honest, sometimes we even want more. In fact we can say that remote collaboration requires two things: working […]

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Cancel changes?


Today my inspiration comes from this amusing popup that appeared in an app made in China for a gadget purchased online. My aim is to stress the importance of linguistic translations for international applications. We’re often concerned with the technical side of the problem, and looking for systems that allow programmers to easily manage the […]

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Foundation 16.5 Preview: the new Ionic theme is here


At the beginning of the year Andrea said that version 16.5 would include a new user interface rendering system. The time has come to reveal that this is the new “Ionic” theme for mobile applications. It’s actually not just a new theme. It’s a new rendering system based on one of the most common frameworks […]

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DIY: Internet of Things


Anyone who follows trends in tech knows that one of the hottest right now is about IoT (Internet of Things) systems. An IoT system can detect data from a set of “smart” objects connected to the cloud. In certain cases they may also be controlled from the cloud. But what are these smart objects? All […]

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Holiday homework


We’re into the hottest part of the summer and vacation is fast approaching. For many, vacation is a time for some well-earned rest and relaxation, but programming buffs often seize the chance to look into something new at their leisure. To make things easier, we’ve put together a series of design patterns for Instant Developer […]

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Mobile Design Patterns


In recent months I’ve had the pleasure of helping create a number of mobile apps using Instant Developer Cloud. It has been an intense and satisfying period, and one of the best gifts was being able to understand how to improve the documentation system for the platform. In fact, when people begin working with Instant […]

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The utility of social media in analyzing an app


In one of my recent articles, I shared with you an experience I had involving the publication and testing of the mobile app Who’s Next?. Since the results of that experiment were very interesting, I decided to conduct another one, which I’m presenting to you today to spark a new discussion. The context here is […]

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Experiment: spreading apps on social networks


Today I’m writing to share an interesting experience I had with the publication and testing of a mobile app. It’s a utility for people who, like me, are passionate about Role Playing Games. It all started when a friend asked me to create an Excel spreadsheet for him to simplify management of a rule, a […]

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Presenting Instant Developer Foundation 16.0


Easter is nearly here, and as Andrea announced a few weeks ago, the new release Instant Developer Foundation 16.0 is ready for you. We’ve introduced many new features and important improvements, and I have to say that I’m really pleased with the work done in this version. Regarding the User Interface for apps made with […]

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Drag & Drop Interactions


In the user experience in web and mobile applications, drag&drop is used frequently to interact with a given object, to create relationships between one object and another, or to upload a file. Basically, drag&drop has become part of the user experience that we all expect. That’s why recently Andrea suggested to me that we integrate […]

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