The business model: why does it influence design?


In recent articles about app design, we’ve seen which documents need to be written before making the mockup: the User Profiles describing users, and the User Stories that describe the processes. Today I’d like to get into some detail about the third and final preliminary document, the business model. First let’s see how it affects [...]

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15.5 is here


This weekend we released version 15.5 of Instant Developer Foundation, and as you will have noticed, it’s one of the most important versions in recent years. In addition to the great innovations you’ve already heard about, like the introduction of a new graphic theme based on Bootstrap and the option to use two new libraries [...]

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App processes: how to describe them with User Stories


In my last article dedicated to app design, we saw how to create a User Profile, which is the document that describes the user types, the obstacles they have to overcome, and the advantages they can gain by using the app. However, before we proceed with making the mockup, there’s another step we have to [...]

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App users: how to create a User Profile


In recent weeks I’ve tried to highlight the challenges that designing an app poses, especially for those of us who have already developed a lot of business software. To get off to the right start, we can do ourselves a favor by writing a few specific documents before starting the mockup. In this article I’ll [...]

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App design: where to start?


In our last article we saw that before we start developing an app, it’s helpful to begin with a product design phase that can bring the idea to life through a mockup that shows the user interface, and perhaps a few work flow examples. A variety of programs exist for developing mockups. The main advantage [...]

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From idea to app: what’s the path?


In recent weeks I’ve had the opportunity to help a few members of the Instant Developer community set up projects using the Cloud edition, working from their own app ideas. It was a very interesting experience because it helped me understand what obstacles must be overcome for people who have already developed a lot of [...]

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Instant Developer and iOS10? No worries


We’re well into September, and it’s time to start up with the iceberg again. Now that the weather has cooled a bit, we’re ready to be with you every week. We’ll start right away with some excellent news for our whole Community: as of September 12th, Instant Developer Foundation is fully compatible with iOS10. That [...]

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Bootstrap + Foundation: watch the preview


A few months ago we announced that the most important innovation for Instant Developer Foundation this year will be the new rendering engine based on Bootstrap. Since we’ve talked about Instant Developer Cloud a lot recently, you might think we’ve forgotten about that promise, but the project is moving along quickly toward release in version [...]

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Offline and synchronization with Instant Developer Cloud


This week’s article will bring us to the end of the interactive tour that has been teaching us how to develop apps with Instant Developer Cloud. And like the best action films, the most thrilling part has been saved for last. People who develop apps know that you can’t count on internet connections that are [...]

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Using native plugins


After the break last week when we saw how to configure Cloud Connectors, we’ll pick up again with our learning tour of Instant Developer Cloud, exploring how to use the native functions of smartphones and tablets and how to test the application directly on the devices. Instant Developer Cloud, like the Foundation edition, uses a [...]

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