Control your apps with Analytics


With Instant Developer Cloud, you can manage the creation of an app from start to finish, work in teams, publish it on the production server in the cloud, and as described in my recent post announcing the Launchers, you can also publish the app directly to the stores. All still from your browser. But this [...]

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Business applications with Cloud? Now you can


Those of you who’ve tried the two editions of Instant Developer know that Foundation is best suited for business type applications, while Cloud delivers the most for customer-facing apps, in which the user experience takes top priority. Today I’d like to introduce a shift of perspective in this regard, because sometimes business applications require the [...]

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Ladies and Gentlemen: Launchers


I want to start this year off big, by announcing a feature that I’m incredibly proud of. In the post on November 15 about the Instant Developer Cloud automated testing system, I promised you that we’d be releasing interesting new features. Today I’m keeping my word. I am proud to present Launchers: the simple way [...]

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Best Holiday Wishes


I’d like to take this opportunity the week before Christmas to send you all best wishes for a happy holiday season and a magnificent 2017 from me and all my colleagues here at Pro Gamma. 2016 has been an intense year for us, and maybe a bit different than usual: beyond our commitment to moving [...]

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How to make app mockups


In recent articles about app design, we’ve seen how to write the preliminary documents: the User Profiles, User Stories and Business Model. With this material we’re ready to start working on the mockup, which will allow us to assess and test the actual look of the app. Given that the mockup is a preliminary design [...]

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Automated tests for Instant Developer Cloud Final


It is with enormous pleasure and something of a thrill that I’m writing this post today to make a very important announcement: on November 15, 2016, Instant Developer Cloud concluded the preliminary phase and the first final version has been released. Simply register on the console to be able to develop your app directly from [...]

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The business model: why does it influence design?


In recent articles about app design, we’ve seen which documents need to be written before making the mockup: the User Profiles describing users, and the User Stories that describe the processes. Today I’d like to get into some detail about the third and final preliminary document, the business model. First let’s see how it affects [...]

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15.5 is here


This weekend we released version 15.5 of Instant Developer Foundation, and as you will have noticed, it’s one of the most important versions in recent years. In addition to the great innovations you’ve already heard about, like the introduction of a new graphic theme based on Bootstrap and the option to use two new libraries [...]

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App processes: how to describe them with User Stories


In my last article dedicated to app design, we saw how to create a User Profile, which is the document that describes the user types, the obstacles they have to overcome, and the advantages they can gain by using the app. However, before we proceed with making the mockup, there’s another step we have to [...]

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App users: how to create a User Profile


In recent weeks I’ve tried to highlight the challenges that designing an app poses, especially for those of us who have already developed a lot of business software. To get off to the right start, we can do ourselves a favor by writing a few specific documents before starting the mockup. In this article I’ll [...]

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